Calcium-rich nasal salts shown to reduce exhaled aerosol

    • Researchers have reported a way of eliminating airborne particles from airways using nasal calcium-rich salts. 
    • FEND, a drug-free calcium-enriched nasal salt, is created by Sensory Cloud, a Boston-based startup. In three separate studies, 92 participants were observed to showcase use of FEND in different situations.
    • The results showed a reduction of exhaled aerosol particles of up to 99%, with an overall reduction of 78% in the largest cohort.
    • In the first study, 76 Covid-negative volunteers were recruited.
    • The exhaled aerosol was measured prior to the nasal intervention. After they received FEND, the intervention suppressed 78% of exhaled aerosols in this group.
    • The second study covered a family of four in quarantine with one Covid-positive mother. After the intervention, her levels decreased to average baseline levels for a Covid-negative patient, for several hours.
    • The third study compared use of FEND to surgical mask use in 12 participants. The masks reduced overall exhaled particles by around 34%, while FEND reduced overall them by 46%.