New Evaluation Standards for Hydrogen Cell Vehicles

  • Aiming at promoting energy-efficient and environment-friendly hydrogen fuel cell-based vehicles in the country,
    • The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways notified the standards for safety evaluation of such vehicles through an amendment to Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.
  • The standards for the testing of such vehicles, which are at par with the international standards, have been made available with the prospective manufacturers and suppliers.
  • According to the draft rules, the motor vehicles of Category M and Category N, running on compressed gaseous hydrogen fuel cell,
    • shall be in accordance with AIS 157:2020, as amended from time to time, till the corresponding Bureau of Indian Standard Act, 2016, specification is notified.
  • Also, the hydrogen fuel specification for fuel cell vehicles will be in accordance with ISO 14687.
  • This would facilitate the promotion of Hydrogen Fuel Cell based vehicles in the country which are energy efficient and environment friendly.