Make Small Strong

  • Google India announced the launch of its nationwide campaign to help support small businesses and drive demand through customer support.
  • The tech giant’s ‘‘Make Small Strong’ campaign is meant to “rally support from the citizens for small businesses by

○buying locally, leaving reviews and ratings and promoting their favourite retailers on social media to help generate demand for these businesses.

  • The new initiative is based on feedback from SMBs (Small and Medium Business Solutions) as part of a research by Google in collaboration with Kantar.
  • According to the report, 5 out of 10 businesses are engaging customers through digital channels.
  • However, 92 per cent of businesses overall are facing customer-related challenges, revenue loss due to low demand and payment of fixed costs.
  • Google India, as part of its ongoing initiatives for SMBs, also announced new partnerships with Zoho, Instamojo, Dunzo and Swiggy.
  • In a bid to increase its outreach program, Google will also be launching a new television show called Namaste Digital soon.
  • The show which is to be launched in partnership with Doordarshan will serve as a “mass media program for SMBs to learn about the Internet and help them grow their business.”
  • It is also working closely with FICCI on an industry-wide digital skilling.
  • It has trained 1.2 million individuals as part of its training program so far.