Bio-Decomposer Technique Will Curb Stubble Burning Pollution

  • The bio-decomposer technique of converting crop stubble into compost, which is deemed a cost-effective way to deal with air pollution caused due to crop stubble burning.
  • The technology, called ‘Pusa Decomposer’, involves making a liquid formulation using decomposer capsules and readily available inputs,
  • Fermenting it over 8-10 days and then spraying the mixture on fields with crop stubble to ensure speedy bio-decomposition of the stubble.
  • This technique will decrease the use of fertilisers and increase the productivity of the farm soil.
  • Delhi and many other North Indian States are covered with smoke due to stubble burning in the neighbouring States by the farmers.
  • The soil loses its richness due to stubble burning and it also destroys the useful bacteria and fungi in the soil, apart from causing harm to the environment.
  • This improves the fertility and productivity of the soil as the stubble works as manure and compost for the crops and lesser fertiliser consumption is required in the future.