Norwegian Lawmaker Nominates Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

  • A Norwegian lawmaker has nominated Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2021 for helping broker a deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, the second time he has put forward the U.S. president for the honor.
  • Thousands of people are eligible to nominate candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize, including members of parliaments and governments, university professors and past laureates.
  • Tybring-Gjedde, who nominated Trump for the 2019 award for his diplomatic efforts with North Korea, said he also nominated him this year because of the U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq.
  • In a deal brokered by the US, Israel and the UAE last month had agreed to normalise their relations, and an agreement on the mutual establishment of embassies is expected to follow in the coming three weeks.
  • In exchange, Israel said it would halt its plans to formally annex parts of the West Bank.
  • There were 318 candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2020. Out of that 211 were individuals and 107 are organisations.
  • Those eligible to nominate someone for the Nobel Peace Prize are public figures, including national politicians, professors and former prize winners.
  • In February and March each year, nominations are shortlisted. The winners are announced in October.